Get A Trusted Psychic Reading

//Get A Trusted Psychic Reading

Get A Trusted Psychic Reading

How To Receive A Trusted Psychic Phone Reading

Free Readings- You are offered a free reading and then in the reading, you are told that you are cursed and must send a large sum of money (usually by the western union) to take the curse off otherwise something awful will happen. This will not happen when you call StarPsychic. They will want you to wave the ID requirement meaning they can pick up your money without presenting a Drivers License or Photo ID. This is because the name that they gave you is not their real name and you will have no legal recourse against them, nor be able to ever find them again.

Be Careful Who You Call

Someone claiming to be psychic approaches you unsolicited-They give you some accurate details about your life (usually they have investigated you beforehand). They continue to contact you and give you free unsolicited psychic advice. You talk to them so often that you consider them to be your “friend.” They offer to do spiritual work for you for free. The only thing you have to do is buy items that they need to go into the work or pay for supplies. This is a common psychic scam. Before you know it you have spent thousands of dollars buying supplies or purchasing items for the “work.” Genuine Psychics will never approach someone unsolicited, as they have respect for another’s right to choose whether they desire a psychic reading and their right to privacy.

Psychic Cold Reading-

The Psychic asks a ton of questions before the reading starts and then feeds the information back to you during the reading.

The egg ritual- The “psychic” has you carry an egg for several days everywhere you go to determine whether you have been cursed then you come back to see them with the egg. The psychic breaks the egg open and all this nasty black stuff comes out of the egg. Naturally, if you have an egg that is unrefrigerated for several days it is going to become rancid. However, when you are going through a stressful time your mind does not always function logically.

Your money is cursed- The “psychic” will tell you that all your problems are coming because your money is cursed. They need you to go to the bank and draw out money so they can take it to the “church” or perform some other type of ritual. I recently had a client tell me that the “psychic” told him he had a root of all evil curse and he had to get together as much money as he could for her to perform a ritual on his money. Unfortunately, this psychic scam always ends with the “psychic” keeping your money.

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